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Celebrate with Us on October 24th

A lot can happen in ten years! Since 2009, NOU has grown from a small, seasonal charity offering camperships to summer sports camps to a year-round, multi-year program serving over 100 young men in Baltimore City.

Next One Up has been recognized in the community for providing high-quality programming and making a long-term commitment to its student athletes, many of whom will be first generation college goers. 

Ten years of outcomes show a clear impact. Next One Up’s triple focus on supporting young men’s academic, athletic and social development is making a difference. Our services can have a radical, positive impact on the life trajectory of the students we serve. Since our program’s start, 100% of participants have graduated high school and 95% have matriculated to college. That’s something to celebrate! 

During 2019, we look back on all we have accomplished and look forward at our vision for the next ten years. Follow us on social media to stay current on all our Tenth Anniversary events and promotions!

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Next One Up Timeline

  • 2009

    NOU is founded by Matt Hanna while he is working as a Baltimore City teacher. Programming for the four initial members includes weekend basketball games, mentoring lunches and camperships to summer camps.
    # students served: 4

  • 2010

    NOU receives federal designation as a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

  • 2011

    “Founding Four” members celebrate a 100% on time graduation rate. NOU has maintained a 100% on time high school graduation rate ever since.
    # students served: 19

  • 2012

    NOU continues to operate as a summer camp scholarship program with opportunities for weekend teambuilding and weekday tutoring.

  • 2013

    Matt Hanna is recognized by the Open Society Institute-Baltimore as a Community Fellow. Fellowship funding and technical assistance help NOU to professionalize.
    # students served: 22

  • 2014

    NOU begins to offer standardized test prep in addition to other academic, sports and leadership opportunities. NOU offers its first college immersion experience, taking two young men to Hobart College for one week in the summer.

  • 2015

    NOU offers its first in-house summer program focused on academics and service. NOU begins admitting middle schoolers to the program to promote a more long-term investment in students. NOU’s first members graduate college.
    # students served: 35

  • 2016

    NOU hires its first full-time Program Director and a part time Academic Coordinator and dramatically expands weekly OST time through weekend programming at the 29th Street Community Center. Summer Programming grows to five-weeks including a week-long college immersion opportunity at Hobart.

  • 2017

    NOU hires a College Counselor. Serving a dramatically larger number of students, the organization begins to restrict admissions to middle school.
    # students served: 85

  • 2018

    For the first time, NOU serves an active roster of 100 young men in the city. NOU adds experiential learning as a key programmatic offering.
    # students served: 102


Give today and make a difference in the life of a young man in Baltimore.

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Next One Who?

Did you know Next One Up is named for a poem by Marc Kelly Smith? 
Read an excerpted version below for inspiration

When you get to the top of the mountain
Pull the next one up.
Then there’ll be two of you
Roped together at the waist
Tired and proud, knowing the mountain,
Knowing the human force it took
To bring both of you there.

And when the second one has finished
taking in the view,
Satisfied by the heat and perspiration under the wool,
Let her pull the next one up;
Man or woman, climber of mountains.
Pull the next hand over
The last jagged rock
To become three.
. . .
Don’t waste time scratching inscriptions into the monolith,
You are the stone itself.
. . .
All these are inscriptions of a human force that can
Conquer conquering hand over hand pulling the rope
Next man up, next woman up.
Sharing a place, sharing a vision.
Room enough for all on all the mountain peaks.
. . .
Read the full poem here.